My Chocolate Milk Bottle

By: Jenelle Carter

Watch. Donate.

My Chocolate Milk Bottle is the first original sculpture and art piece by art school dropout Jenelle Carter.

Jenelle began what she thought would be an art career in September 2017, but fell victim to the five-week long Ontario College Strike. After the difficult decision to quit school she took it upon herself to try to raise funds to cover her losses, doing so by auctioning off one of the few artworks she was able to produce before the Strike began. She was spectacularly unsuccessful.

Made of clay, the sculpture measures approximately 5.5" in height and 2" in diameter. It sold for an overwhelming $5.50 CAD on November 30, 2017 but unsurprisingly, the buyer reneged.

Though the auction has ended, Jenelle would like to encourage you to take a look at the artist interview and to still consider making a donation.