Back in the habit?

Jun 29, 2021 | Newsletter, Writing

It’s been four weeks since I last sat down to write. Given the circumstances, I thought it best not to force myself to send out a newsletter the past three Tuesdays and felt good about that decision, further reiterating that it’s all part of my journey. Thankfully, I’ve finally been able to get back on track a little bit these last couple of days and am hopefully past the worst of the latest setback.

Unfortunately, though, I still don’t feel like writing anything today. I think this is partly because I’m still not feeling like myself, but mostly because I’ve fallen out of my weekly habit.

In situations like this, I’ve found it helpful to start small and ease back into things. To prevent the task from feeling too overwhelming or insurmountable, I won’t spend as much time or effort as I normally would, just enough to get the ball rolling again. This is not being lazy or halfhearted, it’s reestablishing my track record and creating momentum so that my actions are more sustainable for the long term. Like a muscle that hasn’t been worked in a while and needs to be retrained, it helps to slowly get back into shape rather than going all out on day one.

So today’s newsletter isn’t much, but it’s the start that I need this week, and perhaps a friendly nudge to start small in reestablishing a habit or beginning something you’ve been putting off.

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