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Apr 13, 2021 | Newsletter, Writing

After writing about my Batch Day last week I was not in the mood to do any of it yesterday, so I didn’t. For some reason, I was able to channel my frustration into getting work done instead, so despite the day being unenjoyable, it was at least productive.

I didn’t feel like writing yesterday either. I’m not sure Mondays are the right day for it after all. It feels like I have to start the week writing on command before I even have time to think straight, as opposed to easing into things and ruminating on what to write about on Tuesday.

Instead of a normal newsletter this week, I used the time to shamelessly write an article about how to get free Bitcoin in hopes to obtain some more myself through a referral link. Writing an article is something I’ve never done before but have always been curious about as there are so many opportunities for writers to make money in this way. Being paid to write for others is not something I’ve ever aspired to do but I figured this would be a good opportunity to give article writing a try just in case.

The experience was interesting, and about what I expected. With Bitcoin and Etherium hitting new all-time highs today, I knew I wanted to try to churn things out as quickly as I could. I’ve often wondered if making trendy or time-sensitive content would be something I would resent since it can so easily compromise my reasons for creating. That, combined with an aim of getting a successful referral to make it worth my time was something I was wary of going in, and my suspicions were definitely confirmed.

While the referral link in the article is genuinely useful to the reader if they wish to get $10 of free Bitcoin, it still just felt weird to write and share it. I wasn’t doing anything shady or deceptive, but compared to my normal motives it felt like I was trying to run a pyramid scheme. I like creating for its own sake, not for money or clicks or views. Though I still feel kind of stupid and uncomfortable about the whole thing, I think it was a valuable experience and an appropriate way to test the waters.

Knowing what your motives are and why you do things makes navigating life so much easier. Over the last few years especially, I’ve learned a lot about what makes me tick and it’s helped immensely. So I kind of knew how this one would turn out, but now I know for sure.

I may or may not try writing more articles in the future, but if I do, I’ll at least have a much better sense of what I’m getting myself into and why, and how it’ll likely pan out in the end.

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