Barbour’s Linen Thread

AUG 10, 2015 • Ephemera, Photography

I found this box at a garage sale in a big bag of yarn. I asked the owner if I could just buy the box as I had no need for the rest. She said, “Sure, how about $1?” And that’s the story of the best dollar I’ve ever spent.

Barbour's Linen Thread Box

Barbour’s Sewing Machine Linen Thread. Hilden, Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

Barbour's Linen Thread Box and Sewing Supplies
Barbour's BEST QUALITY vintage label

Flax trade mark. BARBOUR’S No. 8. Lisburn, N. Ireland. BEST QUALITY. Made in N. Ireland.

Barbour's 3 Cord linen thread vintage label sticker

3 Cord. No. 50. 2 Ounce.

Barbour's Linen Thread Box Close Up

Philadelphia. Paris 1878.

Sewing Thread
Spear Pointed Kirby Hooks

Spear Pointed KIRBY HOOKS. Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. 100 No. 8 Ringed. Quality 1939. Made in Ireland.

Singer Sewing Machine Needles

SINGER needles. 15×1. 3 size 16. 40 to 60 cotton. C silk. Singer Sewing Machines. The Singer M’F’G. Co. Made in Canada.

Barbour's Linen Thread Box Close Up

Sydney 1879. Berlin, 1877.

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