Mixing things up

Mar 2, 2021 | Newsletter, Writing

A couple of weeks ago I talked about the fact that writing is hard. I knew this venture was going to be hard before I started, but the reason things hadn’t been going as I had envisioned, and the reason it was taking me so long to write each week, was because I was trying to tackle topics that I hadn’t fully thought through yet. I was using writing as my way of thinking things through, which is one of the main benefits that writing provides me, but as I also realized a few weeks ago, I’ve subconsciously had the mindset that I need to and should be able to produce impactful content every single time I sit down to write.

While I do want to force myself to get into the habit of wrestling with and clarifying my thoughts each week, the other main purpose of this writing was supposed to be a much more casual playground. I want to also share small things, tips and tricks, random ideas, and things I come across that are exciting to me. Things that I’d perhaps like to dive deeper into at some point, but for now am just excited to share.

I think mixing things up and jumping between the two approaches will be helpful from both a writing perspective and a reading perspective. Not everything in life has to be serious or productive or intensely meaningful. For some reason I tend to put this pressure on the creative things that I make despite my love of fun and silliness.

I guess not everything in life has to be wrapped up with a neat conclusion or a mic-dropping takeaway either, so… thanks for following along as I try to navigate it all.

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